An Extensive Guide To Cannabis Grinders

cannabis grinders

As an experienced and non-newbie Cannabis user, you know there are a few things that must always be available. One is a lighter, and the other is a grinder.

Grinders have been around for over a century. As opposed to the traditional method of breaking down Cannabis by hand, the grinder proved to be a game-changer. Breaking down Cannabis in a matter of seconds. Making the rollup or packing of a bowl process ever easier.

Grinders have become an irreplaceable staple within the Cannabis world.

This article will go over what a grinder is, why it’s used, how to use it, and the different components of a grinder.

What is a grinder?

A grinder is an instrument first introduced in 1905 by Australians Williams Wingfield and John Balding for the purpose of grinding tobacco and other plants for medical use.  It is used to grind up Cannabis into a fine grain. It can be used to help when rolling a joint or blunt. It can also be used to make packing a bowl easier.

Why use a grinder?

A grinder breaks down the Cannabis nuggets into fine grain, and that makes them easier to pack into bowls or roll into paper. But grinders also enhance the smoking experience. With smaller pieces of the nuggets, you would not have to worry about them clogging the pipes of your bowl. The

Cannabis can easily flow through the pipes. The hits become more frequent and have a better feel to them. Then, when rolling a joint or blunt, evenly cut up Cannabis nuggets help with the burning process, allowing the joint or blunt to burn evenly.

What makes up a grinder?

With the growth of Cannabis freedom in the country today, the creativity in regards to grinders has exploded, but there are still three main types of material used to make grinders:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood

These are the three different materials used to make grinders, but they also come with the same four-piece design. Consisting of:

  • Grind section – Has holes and teeth for Cannabis to travel through
  • Storage chamber – Stores the Cannabis for further use
  • Kief catcher – Kief collection section
  • Lid – The main teeth are found here

As mentioned before, there are many different grinder products on the market. Some have two-piece or three-piece systems. These systems sacrifice the kief catcher, but the majority operate with a four-piece system.

How to use a grinder

For first-time users, every four-piece grinder operates the same so here are the steps to follow.

  • Remove any leaves or stems. Place the nuggets between the teeth of the grinder.
  • In the beginning, there will be resistance, but keep twisting until the twist becomes smoother. Then proceed to keep twisting until the majority of the Cannabis has made its way into the storage chamber.
  • Open the grinder section and storage chamber to reveal the broken-down Cannabis.


Grinders have been an important tool in the Cannabis world. It has opened the door to a much smoother, simpler experience with cannabis. No longer do you require the methodical, time-consuming task of using your hands to break down the nuggets.

Grinders make it so that, upon possession of nuggets, within minutes you can have a freshly rolled blunt, or a packed bowl. There are many different-looking grinders on the market. Find the one that matches you, and enjoy the perks it can bring to your smoking experience.

If you are curious about learning more about grinders and the ins and outs of smoking in general, stop by Green Kong here in Perris, California for our Cannabis experts to give you direction and guidance.