Exactly what are Topical Uses?

The topical uses of marijuana refer to applications of medicinal marijuana to the skin. Topical products are good for medicinal purposes like relieving pain since they contain fewer cannabinoids.

These topical products are usually applied to the skin in the form of lotions, bath salts, salves, and oils. The skin absorbs the cannabinoids and the effects kick in quickly.

The skin has a complex absorption system, hence the reason these topical products don’t cause one to become ‘high’. Older consumers prefer topical marijuana methods due to their ability to treat localized pain and their non-psychoactive nature.

Although not widely researched, there have been some studies that show that topical application acts within minutes when applied locally. These effects usually last one to two hours. 

Considering the time-releasing aspect of patches, users reported a response within 2 hours, and the effect lasted up to 2 days.

Furthermore, topically applied marijuana is unlikely to induce intoxication since most cannabinoids do not reach the brain.

The different types of Topical Marijuana

Topical Oils:

Topical oils are thicker extracts of the marijuana plant than the oils used in edible goods. Topical oils are viscous extracts absorbed via the skin.

They are used to treat muscle discomfort, aches, pains, and soreness. The reason topical marijuana is used therapeutically is that they do not cause a high.

Transdermal patches:

Substances absorbed into the body through transdermal patches are gradually absorbed over time. People who use cannabis to ease pain and inflammation may benefit from a constant infusion of the substance.

Transdermal patches stick to the skin and stay there for several hours. Since cannabinoids slowly enter the bloodstream, they have a long-lasting effect. This is another reason why topical marijuana products are so useful: their longevity.

The sticky side of the patch is coated with acrylic to help it adhere to the skin. An additional tingling ingredient is added along with the cannabis extract, such as glycol and lecithin (liquefying and emulsifying ingredients) or eucalyptol. It takes twelve hours for all of the chemicals in the patch to fully absorb.

For best effective results, the patch should be applied to the wrists, feet, or body regions that have plenty of veins.

To get the full benefit of the topical marijuana patch, you should leave it on for at least twelve hours. Patches are ideally suited to situations such as long travel days, where you need regular relief for a long time.

Lotions, Creams, and Salves:

Salve, creams, and lotions sold in dispensaries are made with common ingredients and infused with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.  And, of course, they can be used as topical marijuana products.

Despite not containing THC or CBD, these products are designed (in part) to moisturize the skin. Therefore, they’re typically formulated with fatty substances like oils and plant butter.

A carrier oil (usually unscented, such as grapeseed oil) is infused with cannabis and then added to the salve, cream, or lotion recipe. The remaining ingredients may include additional scents, extracts, or emulsifiers such as beeswax, arnica, aloe, Vitamin E, or a variety of other skin-boosting ingredients. Your skin will absorb all of the active elements in the lotion when you slap it on.

An aching muscle or joint discomfort that is confined to a specific area, such as arthritis or a knot in your back, responds very well to cannabis lotions, creams, and salves. Cannabis’ antioxidant qualities can also help to relieve skin inflammation. You can choose from a variety of strengths, and use these topical marijuana products daily or for spot relief.

Lip Balm

 Lip balm is also made with cannabis-infused oils. The mouth’s entryway is an especially suitable area to incorporate topical products because the skin on our lips is thinner than most other parts of our bodies.

Cannabis lip balm is used to treat chapped lips and cold sores due to cannabis’ antiviral qualities. Use a cannabis lip balm in the same way you would any other lip balm.

 Massage Oil

A cannabis-infused massage oil contains essential oils for aroma and effect (like lavender, peppermint, etc.). Massage oils are supposed to be rubbed into the skin like a salve, cream, or lotion, so that makes it a perfect candidate for topical marijuana.

As opposed to a salve or creams, there are no emulsifiers or plant butter to help the oil stay in place while being absorbed by the skin. Essential oils, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and other traditional massage alternatives are included in the mix, in addition to CBD or THC oil.

Infused massage oil is effective for muscle pains, joint discomfort, cramps, and arthritis pain. Because these topical marijuana products are usually gentle enough for people with skin sensitivities or irritation difficulties, these types of oils are helpful.

Transdermal Gels

The transdermal gel is a super-hydrating combination that penetrates deep into the skin to provide infusions. In general, it is more concentrated than creams, salves, or lotions. Cannabis is added as an extract to the gel, as well as other additives like menthol that give it an additional kick.

Consumers can use the pen-like instrument to dab small quantities of gel on their pulse spots and then rub the topical marijuana gel in. Due to its rapid absorption, the gel can be used to treat skin irritations like eczema or allergy-related hives, as well as muscle and joint pain caused by repetitive strain. This is a better, less-messy option.


Both the outer and inner skin of the body is porous. Suppository oils and active substances are absorbed via skin barriers, making them quite effective in getting cannabinoids into the body.

Cannabis is infused into oil, which is then mixed with cocoa butter before being encased in a plastic shell that must be removed before use. The cocoa butter in the suppository will melt when it reaches body temperature, releasing the oils onto your skin and eventually into the bloodstream.

To Summarize

The effectiveness and ease of use make topical marijuana a good choice when looking for long-term pain relief. The many products to choose from can feel a bit overwhelming, so hit up your Green Kong budtender when trying to narrow your options down!