Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies: Strain Info and Review 2022

Pearl Pharma has been cultivating cannabis since 1998 and is no stranger to the ups and downs of the cannabis market.

Since the legalization of medical marijuana and, more recently, the legalization of recreational marijuana, Pearl Pharma has continuously worked to achieve the best strains out there.

Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies is one of the many curated strains that Pearl Pharma offers.

Their menu focuses on strains suitable for every occasion, be it social, athletic recovery, or relaxing and taking some down time.

Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies: A Brief Intro

Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies

Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies strain is an indica-dominant hybrid of Blue Power and Forum Cut GSC, both bred by Sin City Seeds. 

This powerhouse hybrid regularly produces above 30% cannabinoids and is packed with THCa in addition to healthy doses of CBGa and CBDa. 

CBGa and CBDa are both known for their therapeutic effects, bringing a mellow atmosphere to this otherwise potent strain.

Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies: Strain Info

High in THC content and packed with bonus CBGa and CBDa, Pearl Pharma’s Sin Mint Cookies are at the top of our list.

Here are the stats:


  • 25%+ THC Content
  • 30%+ Cannabinoid Content


  • Mint
  • Chocolate
  • Terpene


  • Dense but pulls apart easily.
  • Great cure, nug and trim
  • Sticky
  • Vibrant green with fiery orange hairs


  • Smooth
  • The best thin mint cookie you’ve ever had


  • Balanced body and head high
  • Relaxing and therapeutic

Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies: Strain Review

Out of the jar, Sin Mint Cookies nugs are dense but pliable. Sticky but easily pulled apart, these nugs can be hand ground if you choose.

Hand grinding will leave your fingers covered in kief and crystals. If you are using a grinder, enjoy the potent kief and crystal combo with care.

An earthy aroma accompanies Sin Mint Cookies with a faint hint of citrus and, surprisingly, cookie dough.

A little heavy for the first toke of the morning, this strain produces a relaxed head and body high. If you’re looking for stress relief of any kind, Sin Mint Cookies is the strain for you.

Wrap Up And Final Score

We rank Pearl Pharma’s Sin Mint Cookies indica-dominant hybrid a 10/10 on the Fire Scale.

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