Microdosing Cannabis: The Surprising Benefits Of Small Doses

We always recommend the guideline “take it slow, start low” when it comes to dosing a new product. 

But this time, we’re keeping it low. 

Microdosing cannabis isn’t just trendy terminology, it’s a safe and precise way to use marijuana. 

It involves consuming small doses of cannabis over an extended period of time.

With the increase in accessibility to marijuana both recreationally and medically, microdosing is becoming more and more popular. 

As a result, many cannabis products are geared toward microdosing by offering smaller dose edibles, tinctures with measuring pipettes, and more. 

Microdosing Cannabis: When Less is More

Microdosing is slow and steady consumption of a cannabis product in small increments. 

It can be used to extend an experience, provide long term pain relief, or find your ideal dose.

Finding the Right Dose

Finding the appropriate dose for you and your needs can be a tricky process. Microdosing allows you to slow down that process and work with precision to find the best dose for you.

By microdosing, you can keep track of the exact dosage, time lapsed, and the effects as you go. 

For safety, always keep track of your intake when microdosing.

Chronic Pain Relief

Taking larger doses can provide near instant relief for pain, but sometimes a situation calls for discretion or to experience less side effects. 

Microdosing cannabis is an excellent way to deal with chronic pain. 

By using small doses, you are extending your pain relief in a discreet and accessible way. 

Less for Longer

You can extend your cannabis experience by microdosing over a longer period of time. 

This can be extremely helpful for those using cannabis to treat pain and anxiety.

It can also boost your energy levels and creativity.

Microdosing Cannabis

Quick Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

Before starting your microdosing routine, it is important to reset your cannabis tolerance. 

To do so, simply abstain from using cannabis for at least 48 hours. 

Once you have reset your tolerance, it’s time to dose out your cannabis.

Depending on your previous experience with cannabis, choose a dose between 3-10mg to start. 

If you are new to your chosen product, always start on the lower end of the dose. After an hour, take note of how you feel.

The goal of microdosing is to achieve mental or physical relief without experiencing euphoric effects. 

If you feel like you need to increase your dose, do so incrementally until you achieve relief without euphoria.

Once you have settled on the best dose for you, you can set your routine to involve microdosing once or twice a day. 

Always take your dose at the same time daily.

Daily Relief

When done correctly, microdosing cannabis will relieve your symptoms without interfering with your day to day productivity. 

It is used to treat a number of chronic ailments, including stress, pain, and anxiety.

Small doses of cannabis have been recorded to have a number of benefits beyond the euphoric, psychoactive effects. 

Microdosing can improve your mood, lift energy levels, and inspire creativity in addition to relieving physical pain.

Choosing Your Product

Many companies produce microdosing specific products. 

These include gummies, mints, chocolates, and tinctures that are precisely measured out. 

The consistent measurements are key to microdosing cannabis successfully.

By using a product such as 1mg mints or 5mg gummies, you can easily keep track of your dose and maintain easy microdosing without much work.

Wrap Up: There Are Lots Of Benefits To Microdosing Cannabis

All in all, the options are limitless. 

Here at Green Kong, we offer a wide selection of our favorite edibles, tinctures and more, so stop by the dispensary and take a look! 

You can also check out our products online.

As always, your friendly Green Kong budtenders are here to help.