Microdosing Cannabis: The 5 Most Effective Tips


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Microdosing Cannabis: The Five Most Effective Tips

Many people use cannabis for its myriad health benefits. However, not everyone enjoys the psychogenic effects of THC.

There are a variety of ways to avoid the more psychogenic effects of cannabis. You can seek out products that are CBD heavy but low in THC content. Additionally, topical cannabis products are a great way to achieve physical relief from cannabis without other side effects.

However, another popular method is microdosing.

Microdosing cannabis is the practice of consuming small doses of cannabis on a regular schedule.

While you are still consuming THC, you are able to experience positive effects from the cannabinoids without getting high. This is due to the size of the dose.

Microdosing Cannabis 101

Before we throw down some of the best tips and tricks for microdosing cannabis, let’s discuss the basics.

Microdosing is when you take small doses of a product to gain positive effects without changing the course of your day.

Essentially, the point of microdosing is to provide daily relief without interfering with your regular day to day life.

Microdosing cannabis is often used for chronic pain and general physical relief. Moreover, microdosing cannabis is also used to relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression.

To learn even more about microdosing and its benefits, check out our full run down on cannabis microdosing.

The 5 Most Effective Tips

Whether you are new to microdosing, returning to a routine, or already incorporate microdosing into your daily life, we’ve got some great tips for optimizing your microdosing experience.


1. Make microdosing a regular part of your day.

The key to microdosing is making it a regular part of your day.

For microdosing to be effective you need to incoporate this practice into your routine. If you are erratic with your microdosing schedule, it will not be as effective. 

Think of microdosing cannabis as taking a prescription pharmaceutical. In order for the medicine to take effect and continue to alleviate your ailments, it must be taken as a regular dose at a regular time.

If you have trouble keeping track, try setting an alarm or work your microdose into your morning routine right before brushing your teeth.

2. Start your dose low.

The regularity of your microdose also refers to the dose itself.

For effective relief, you must maintain the right dose for you. This means you must first find the best dose for your purposes.

Depending on your tolerance to cannabis and the symptoms you are treating, doses vary.

However, the key to microdosing cannabis is in the name: MICROdose. We’re talking very small doses ranging from 1mg to 3mg. 

As always, it is crucial that you start your dose at the lowest possible dose. Regardless of your tolerance for cannabis, start with a 1mg dose on your first day of microdosing.

If, within an hour or two, you do not feel any relief, increase your dose by .5mg. Once you feel relief from your symptoms but do not feel a buzz or high from the THC, you’ve likely found your dose.

After finding the dose that works for you, try that dose for a week. Of course, if you find it to be too much after all, you can always dose down.

If you feel like you need a higher dose, try increasing your dose by .25mg and testing that out for a few days before updosing another .25-.5mg.

3. Choose a product that works for you.

There are so many forms of cannabis for recreational and medical use. Likewise, microdosing can be practiced with a variety of products.

Some products are certainly better suited for microdosing. We recommend trying tinctures and edibles for your microdosing routine.

Both are easily measured and allow for consistent dosing. Additionally, these products are available for a variety of strains and ratios of THC:CBD. 

Some strains and ratios lend themselves to specific purposes. If you have a specific goal for your microdosing, consult with the budtenders at Green Kong! We are more than happy to help you find the right strain for you.

Otherwise, check out our post on the best strains for pain relief.

4. Monitor your experience and keep track of changes.

Keeping track of your experience while microdosing is the key to effectively using this practice.

For the first few days it is crucial that you keep a close eye on your experience. This helps you adjust your dose as needed and understand if the strain and product are working for you.

Just as with any medicine, keeping track of changes is important. If you find yourself experiences negative side effects or a loss of effectiveness, it may be time to revisit your microdosing practice. 

This goes both ways! It is so important to notice positive effects and changes to your life. It can be easy to let this slide but always remember to celebrate the good times! 

5. Always source your products from reputable dispensaries.

One of the most important factors in any type of cannabis consumption is sourcing. No matter which cannabis product you use, be it CBD topical or a sticky Indica flower, it is vital that your product be of the highest quality.

As a regulated substance, the best cannabis products are only available from reputable dispesnaries like Green Kong. Never purchase your cannabinoid products from anywhere that is not a licensed dispensary.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of sketchy products out there – particularly in the world of CBD products. These products are often filled with harmful additives or are produced in unsafe conditions.

At Green Kong, we only source the highest quality products from partners that we know and trust. All of our products are vetted and fully licensed.

Is Microdosing Right For You?

With cannabis becoming more popular by the minute, microdosing is a widely accepted alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. 

Whether you suffer from social anxiety, depressive episodes, chronic neck pain or a strained muscle, microdosing can provide relief.

These small doses of cannabis products can provide relief from physical pain, bring out your creativity, and even give you the energy you need to get through the day.

As always, your Green Kong budtenders are at the ready to help you find the best products for your needs.