Cannabis is entering a new phase of its journey. From once upon a time being bought by the local guy in the neighborhood, to dispensers loud and proud being opened, to now: Cannabis delivery services in the van and outside your door. Although it is only available for recreational use of cannabis in three states, several other states are allowing the delivery of medical Cannabis. 

Having cannabis delivered to your door is becoming increasingly common. You no longer have to get up and travel to the dispensary; instead, you can have it dropped off right at your doorstep! Especially during the age of COVID-19, this business model has exploded. In the modern business world, it’s only common sense that the trend continues and evolves even further.

There are different versions of weed delivery, but the majority follow a certain guideline that we will discuss below. 

Where is delivery available? 

With no restrictions for those 21 and older, there’s the trifecta of cannabis states:

  • California 
  • Nevada 
  • Oregon 

Here are the states that require you to declare yourself as a registered medicinal marijuana patient or caregiver. For Medical Cannabis Registration, either a retail license or a delivery-specific license is required within these states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado 
  • New Mexico
  • Maine 
  • Maryland 
  • New York 
  • Rhode Island 
  • Vermont 
  • Massachusetts 

Many other states do possess legal medicinal cannabis or recreational marijuana, but they may not include delivery services. It’s important to still check with your local dispensaries, as they will be able to explain what services they may or may not provide and the requirements. After all, no use leaving a sensitive delivery alone on your doorstep!

How do you place an order?

For states with no restrictions on delivery services, it can be as simple as calling a local dispensary. Some even use text! 

When it comes to states that require medical cards, the first step is to register for a Medical Cannabis Card. The extra perks of having a card like this are that it can come with special discounts or a waiver on fees. This process does take a couple of weeks to complete, but the obvious benefits are worth the work. There does need to be paperwork provided to ensure what the use of Cannabis is for. 

After this step has been completed and approved, you can then turn your attention to the delivery service. Many dispensaries have websites or even apps where you can browse their products and place an order. They will ask for specific information as well to verify your medicinal card. 

Once confirmed, the delivery may take two to three hours. It can come the next day on the rare occasion, so be sure you’re aware of whatever timeline your dispensary is working with. After all, fast is not always a good thing; slow and steady wins the race!


Cannabis’s growing acceptance in society has changed its trajectory. Now that it can be obtained through delivery, any ailments you have that require Cannabis can be alleviated quicker.

Delivery is convenient, clean, and a safe way to obtain marijuana. In the states that allow delivery, there are strict guidelines dispensaries have to follow. These rules ensure that these deliveries, even if stopped for some misunderstanding, can get to you quickly. The high standard expected of these dispensaries also ensures you have quality and efficiency in your delivery. 

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