Hemp vs Cannabis: 3 Critical Differences

There is an abundance of cannabis products on the market with new options appearing every day. 

It’s so important to understand the different products and what they bring to the table. 

Today, let’s look at Hemp vs cannabis.

Hemp and Cannabis are the same species of plant. However, there are key differences between the two.

What Is Cannabis?

Our good friend Cannabis refers to the overall species of the cannabis plant. 

This includes a few different varieties: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. 

Most of us are familiar with, or have at least heard of, sativa and indica

These two varieties are unique in their psychoactive effects and provide different experiences to users of their products. 

Also, both tend to have a potent THC content.

In contrast, ruderalis is a low THC content plant and is not commonly seen on the market. 

Hemp vs Cannabis: What’s The Difference?

hemp vs cannabis

The real difference in THC content comes down to the gender of the plant. 

The plant species Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning it has genders. 

In the case of Cannabis, the male plant produces less THC than the female plant.

The female Cannabis plant, whether indica or sativa, is the typical cannabis plant that produces flower products and high-content THC products. 

Products such as flower, topicals, and even CBD products are derived from the female plant.

The male indica and sativa plants are often used, along with all genders of ruderalis, to produce hemp products including fibers, textiles and CBD products without THC content.

Legally, plants with less than .3% THC content are considered Hemp products. 

This is regardless of their gender or variety. 

Plants with a THC content greater than 3% are considered Cannabis products.

Hemp vs Cannabis: The Top Three Takeaways

1. Hemp vs Cannabis: The Same Species

Cannabis plants are gendered plants. 

Generally speaking, the male plants produce hemp products and the female plants produce marijuana products.

2. Hemp vs Cannabis: THC Content

Cannabis plants with more than .3% THC content are considered a Schedule 1 drug according to Federal Law. 

Plants with less than .3% THC content are considered hemp products and are not subject to Schedule 1 drug regulations.

3. Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD

Plants that are categorized both as a Schedule 1 drug and as hemp are used to produce CBD products. 

However, the CBD products derived from Schedule 1 plants are considered Schedule 1 drug products and are only available from dispensaries.

CBD products derived from hemp plants are not regulated as a Schedule 1 drug and are readily available. 

While many of these products are legitimate, a lot of CBD products sold outside of dispensaries are fraudulent or non-effective.

This is because the regulation is less strict.

Hemp vs Cannabis: The Benefits Of Both

Hemp and Cannabis are two sides of the same coin. 

The male cannabis plants, or hemp plants, are excellent sources for strong natural fibers used in textiles. 

Meanwhile, the female cannabis plants carry the same benefits of the male hemp plants plus more.

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