Everything You Need For Your Cannabis Kit

Tools for Smoking Cannabis

Nothing is worse than the feeling of being unprepared for a spontaneous smoke session. Now, there’s actually no ‘one way’ to smoke cannabis, so we’ll be going over all the different types of tools you can have stashed away in case of a rainy day. 

We’re not talking about complicated, cutting-edge rigs and blowtorches—while fun, all of that isn’t always necessary for a great smoking experience. But, caught without rolling paper just as someone breaks the pipe? That’s a session breaker. 

All of the technological and cultural progress that has happened with cannabis has driven many creative modern innovations. For the old crowd at the new, here are all the basics for a good smoke session.


When it comes to cannabis accessories, the first thing that should come to mind is a grinder. A grinder is usually a small canister with “teeth” that you twist to grind the flowers evenly. By grinding your weed, you increase the surface area that can burn which results in a stronger high for you! 

Rolling Papers 

Another classic (or classy if you want to be a hipster) for those of you that want to roll your own joints, you will need to purchase some rolling papers. A must-have item for any smoker, there’s a bit of a trick to the perfect roll. Take your time if you’re unfamiliar with hand-rolling because it’s no good to waste time and supplies on a rush job.


Most people are happy to smoke from a bong any day, but what happens if you accidentally shatter a piece of the bowl? You’ll be glad to have something to smoke out of until you find time to get back to a glass shop. If you’re not a pro joint roller who can do it while walking against a light breeze, a pipe is far more practical for most outdoor adventures.


A bong is similar to a hookah in terms of construction and use, however, it’s smaller and more portable. The cannabis market is so flooded with different types of bongs and add-ons that it can be confusing and even frustrating to figure out what you might be looking for. 

The truth is that everyone has a different preference for the size of bong they require to fit their lifestyle. Start with a good general-sized one and type and if you find that it doesn’t suit you, go from there. 


This might seem a bit obvious, but you need something to light the cannabis! Some veterans will tell you that the best way to experience the best high will be using matches instead of a regular lighter. Science says that lighters do have more concentrated heat, so the weed does burn quicker from the get-go, whereas if you use matches the heat is more gradual and so the cannabis is able to release more chemicals.

Either way, be careful with whatever you’re using to light your weed.

After/ Clean Up and Storage

Every cannabis consumer needs a good place to keep their weed. Without proper storage, there’s always the risk of your herb stash becoming moldy, drying out, and losing strength, smell, and taste if you don’t store it properly.

Storage containers, like grinders, are increasingly widely available. Hardcore weedheads can even purchase high-end humidity-controlled boxes to create the ideal growing environment for their cannabis.

However, you do not have to go all out for storage, just make sure it’s something clean and has a resealable lid. Ideally, you should keep your cannabis in a location that is out of direct sunlight, maintains a slightly cool ambient temperature, and does not allow a lot of humidity to enter.


Now that you’ve brushed up on what you’ll need, why don’t you swing by our inventory page? Green Kong has some of the best budtenders to answer any other questions you might have, so stop by and check out the store.