Buying a glass bong a decade ago meant going to the nearest headshop and grabbing one off the shelf. Even at the nicer shops, there were usually just a dozen or so hand-blown bongs available. Shoppers would choose based on its appearance, simplicity, or ease of use. These handcrafted bongs would typically last for years, with only a replacement really being needed if a clumsy friend dropped it during a coughing attack.

Cut to now. The cannabis market has exploded in popularity and a plethora of options flood the market every week! 

Options are fantastic. But, with options comes confusion. What are the best bongs for you? Are there certain types of features that are better for your smoking style or preferences? Is that premium bong with the latest revolutionary features worth the extra cash or should you go with something more basic?

This is where we come in.

What Kind Of Bong Do You Need?

Do you have sensitive lungs and want a rip that is smoother and less harsh? Perhaps you want to take greater rips or you have curious neighbors and want to keep your clouds to a minimum? 

We’ll break down everything you need to know so you can buy a bong that’s perfect for you. Aside from being able to act like an expert the next time you get into a conversation about cannabis, after today you won’t waste any more money on bongs that aren’t right for you.

First and foremost, understanding the various bong sizes is essential to learning how to choose a bong, so let’s get started.

Size Does Matter. Who Knew?

The truth is that everyone has a varied choice for the size of bong they require to meet their daily routine. Maybe you’re always on the go and need something compact, like micro bongs, or maybe you’re a homebody and prefer a larger bong.

In any case, there is something for everyone, and that is the primary objective of our guide: to assist you in finding the perfect bong.

So, what exactly are the three distinct sizes of bongs available, and what are the advantages of each? Let’s take a look:

Bong Sizes

The standard sizes are 10, 14, and 18mm

The numbers and sexes are definitely better left to seasoned bong users who use them to figure out how much air they can take in at once. For example, a draw of 18mm is greater than a pull of 14mm. If you’re just getting started, ignore the numbers and choose a size that fits your needs.

What type of needs do you have? Do you bring your bong on vacation? Choose a folding or portable one. Are you a bong user who stays at home? For you, the sky is the limit. 

Aside from size, how you want to feel the chemicals enter your system is a big deal. Your personal preference is always the focus after all!

One of my favorite features in a bong: water filtering. These are usually referred to as water pipes. The inhalation creates bubbles through the downstem of the bong when you light the cannabis and inhale. The water and bubbles work as a cooling surface and filter, so the smoke is nice and cool by the time it reaches your lungs (and hopefully less coughing).

Tolerance is an important feature. If you’re anything like me, you want to take smaller hits and keep your tolerance low. A water pipe is a good option for this type of thing because the bowl doesn’t hold too much weed.

Bongs with several percs and decorative decorations are available in colossal sizes. The more complex the design, however, the greater the price. And very importantly the more complex the design, the more difficult can be to clean.

Are you on a budget or are you willing to pay a premium? When buying a bong, price is always a consideration. Most people looking to buy their first bong want something that is reasonably priced and performs well in all functions.

How To Find The Bong That’s Just Right

Mini bongs are fun to have because of their compact size, which makes them perfect for on-the-go excursions. They’re often light in weight, making them ideal for people who prefer a more covert smoking experience. Mini bongs are also available.

However, having a smaller glass piece has two disadvantages: less airflow and sharper strikes. Due to the small size of these bongs, smoke does not have enough space or area to allow for good and effective air circulation, resulting in harsher hits because smoke is not properly filtered.

Here’s a tip: If you put ice in your tiny bong, the heated smoke will cool down and cause less throat irritation.

Medium bongs are more frequent since they fall in the center of tiny and large bongs. You can still enjoy the benefits of a little bong while still taking advantage of the perks of larger bongs. A medium-sized bong is usually between 10 and 14 inches tall.

Even while it isn’t as large as a larger bong, it is still larger than a little bong, which eliminates it from the list of being discreet or even travel friendly. These are crucial factors to consider when purchasing a bong.

Large bongs are normally reserved for more experienced smokers, but they are not exclusive to them. Because they are larger and neither discreet or travel friendly, these giant bongs are ideal for home-usage. This is the greatest type of bong to buy in many aspects because it allows for excellent airflow and smoke filtration.

When compared to medium and small bongs, this results in smoother and tastier hits, as well as a tenfold reduction in throat and lung irritation.

But Why Does Size Matter?

The bong you choose should be based on your lung capacity. The bigger the chamber, the harder it will be to clear it in one draw. Any lingering smoke will immediately lose its flavor. 

If you smoke frequently and prefer taking massive and powerful bong rips, a larger bong with a larger bowl area for more cannabis to be inhaled at once is highly recommended. 


It can be intimidating to learn how to choose a bong at first. Because they were made for particular preferences, there are so many bong varieties. So, when smoking cannabis, focus less on the bong and all of its features and more on your own needs.