CBD: What Is It And Can It Make You High?

Most people know that THC is the compound in cannabis that causes the euphoric effect.

However, many don’t know as much about CBD.

Does it make you high? Does it show up on a drug test? Will it help with pain? Can my pet take it? Is it all that it’s hyped up to be?

What Is CBD?

cbd oil

CBD is derived from hemp and marijuana.

It’s most commonly sourced from the hemp plant which has less than 3% THC. That’s way too low to cause the “high” usually associated with using cannabis.

Regulation of CBD

Hemp-based CBD has been virtually unregulated, so the market is saturated with products claiming to be the new cure-all.

These hemp-sourced products may not be as healthy as they claim, because hemp is a bio-accumulator.

Until recently, much of it was being imported from countries with little to no environmental regulations.

This cannabis compound can also be found in marijuana plants (female cannabis), which is a safer source. Here in California, they are lab-tested to meet State compliance standards.

Always remember:

  • Products that are derived from unregulated, dirty hemp can lead to even more health problems.
  • Unregulated products has the potential to test too high for THC, or worse, a faux formula containing zero CBD

Why Do People Use CBD?

The fact that there’s no psychoactive effect is the reason many people seek it out. It can provide relief from a variety of common ailments.

It’s also easy to find, and it’s available in an array of convenient edibles, extracts, supplements, and topical applications.

They even have products for your pets. 

Only Purchase From A Licensed Dispensary

The only way to know what’s in any cannabis product, especially CBD, is to purchase it from a licensed dispensary.

Legitimate cannabis businesses sell lab-tested and certified-compliant brands.

The chances of CBD showing up on a drug screen are low, but the only way to be certain how much THC is in your product is for the brand to publish the lab test results.

All legitimate brands do willingly!

How To Find A Licensed Dispensary

If you want to be sure you purchasing a high-quality product, consider these tips:

  • The state manages a licensing portal that enables consumers to find a legal dispensary
  • Look at the product label for the CA compliant symbol and formula information
  • California licensed dispensaries can sell products that likely came from a marijuana plant subject to state compliance laws. This means you should always look for the formula information.

Wrap Up: CBD Doesn’t Make You High

Once you’ve found a quality CBD product, you’ll be happy it doesn’t make you high.

In fact, it counteracts the effects of THC. Keeping a bottle on hand is a good idea in case you ever overdo it with the psychoactive stuff.

Though a powerful compound all by itself, CBD needs at least a trace amount of THC to realize its full potential.

It can improve your quality of life by reducing inflammation and pain, improving circulation, and calming the mind. It’s also been proven helpful to reduce anxiety and pain in pets.

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