How to Choose The Perfect Cannabis Vape Pen

Vaping has taken center stage lately with concerns about health and safety looming over the industry. 

This attention underscores the importance of knowing how to choose a cannabis vape pen that’s right for you. 

As the medical community seeks answers about vaping, cannabis consumers are still vaping. 

This means it should be a priority to learn about cannabis vaping products before using them.

Concentrates In Cannabis Vape Pens

Cannabis concentrates (extracts) are the gooey liquid that fills the vape cartridge. They play a primary role in product quality and can affect a consumer’s experience and safety. 

It is critical to search for lab-tested and certified-compliant vape cartridges when choosing a cannabis vape pen.

The concentrate inside the average cannabis vape pen has gone through an extraction process that isolates the cannabinoids into unique formulas. 

Some brands use solvents in their process and others use safer and cleaner CO2. 

Also, the informed consumer will look for a cannabis vape pen cartridge that’s gone through the CO2 extraction process.

There are a variety of top-quality brands in your neighborhood dispensary that can provide fast-acting relief for a variety of ailments or simple relaxation and balance.

Cannabis Vape Pen Battery

How to Choose a Cannabis Vape Pen Battery 

A quality vape pen battery will have temperature control, USB charger, and a ceramic heating element. 

Finding a lower voltage battery is best, because it creates less heat and lowers the possibility of carcinogen intake. 

The standard battery comes with a universal 510 thread that fits most vape cartridges. However, there are also brands that use a “pod” instead of a cartridge, requiring different hardware.

In addition to standard cannabis vape pen hardware, the disposable pen option is a great place to start if you’re still on the fence about vaping. 

Disposable vapes that are on the market come preloaded with up to 150 puffs of pure cannabis concentrate. They don’t require charging, and they can be recycled at the cannabis dispensary when empty.

Wrap Up

Choosing the right cannabis vape pen for your lifestyle is something that starts at a  licensed dispensary

Once there, cannabis experts can introduce top-quality vape cartridges, including live resin and full-spectrum brands to improve the vaping experience.

We at Green Kong would love to help you find the perfect cannabis vape pen for you!