Cannabis Topicals: The Best Ways To Use Them

One of the most common reasons for cannabis use is pain relief.

Whether you are experiencing chronic illness or an acute injury, cannabis topicals are an excellent way to soothe your symptoms and find relief. 

If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD without any psychoactive effects, topical cannabis is an easy and accessible way to do so. 

Topical cannabinoid treatments do not require direct consumption in order to receive the benefits. This means no smoking, vaping or eating.

They are applied to the skin and, when used properly, are an excellent source of physical relief. 

Choosing Your Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are effective in treating a variety of ailments including muscle aches, joint stiffness, arthritis, headaches and even muscle spasms. 

Additionally, many cannabis topicals are infused with other helpful and effective herbal remedies for even more relief.

Topicals come in a variety of forms ranging from balms and lotions to patches. Different forms are often suited best for particular ailments or locations on the body. 

For example, a lotion or an oil will be able to adequately cover larger areas for those looking for widespread relief.

Meanwhile, a balm or patch is preferred for pinpointing acute ailments such as TMJD or a specific muscle ache.

As with any natural product, be sure to set appropriate expectations.

While we all wish we could wave a magic wand and be free of all our aches and pains, it simply isn’t so.

That said, topical cannabis treatments can provide substantial relief in the right scenario.

Applying Your Cannabis Topicals

cannabis topicals cream

Where and how you apply your cannabis topical are important factors in your chosen product’s effectiveness.

Each product will include instruction specific to that topical but we’ve compiled some general guidelines to get you started!

Choose Your Location

Placing your topical in the correct spot is essential for effective relief.

Be sure to check your product’s instructions for the best application strategy. 

When in doubt, apply directly to the affected area.

Prepare Your Skin

As with any medical treatment, hygiene is paramount.

Wash your hands thoroughly prior to application.

Also, thoroughly clean the desired location for your topical treatment.

Prior to applying your chosen treatment, dry your skin completely.

Apply Your Cannabis Topicals

Depending on your chosen product, follow the packaging instructions for the best results.

However, here are some general tips for improved application:

  • When using balms, lotions and oils, take time to massage your affected area. This not only helps the topical cannabinoid to activate but can also provide basic relief to the area.
  • When using a patch, apply to a venous area in close proximity to the affected area. This will allow for more effective absorption.

Monitor Your Experience

After application, be sure to wash your hands promptly.

Many topical cannabinoids feature ingredients such as capsaicin, citrus or mint which are irritants to your eyes and/or nose.

Of course, if you are applying the cannabis topical directly to your hands for treatment, avoid touching your face.

Like any cannabis product or medicine, topical cannabinoids require an adjustment period.

Be mindful of your experience and take note of what works for you – or what doesn’t.

Wrap Up: Using Cannabis Topicals Is A Great Way To Manage Pain

Awareness of the products you try and their effectiveness will allow you and your friends at Green Kong to tailor your cannabis experience to your needs. 

If you have an idea of what you’d like to try, you can also order our cannabis and CBD products online.

As always, navigate cannabis within your comfort zone and don’t hesitate to reach out to resources, like Green Kong, for guidance.