Cannabis Edibles: How To Find Perfect One for You

Cannabis edibles are one the most popular dispensary products. 

Edibles have the benefit of discretion and easy (and tasty) consumption. 

If you don’t enjoy smoking marijuana, or even vaping, edibles could be just the ticket. 

Edibles provide an excellent alternative to other methods of cannabis ingestion and provide similar experiences. 

Just like with any cannabis product, finding the right one is key to an enjoyable and beneficial experience. 

Get to Know Your Edibles

Finding the right edible for you comes down to a number of factors. 

Just like flower, different cannabis edibles serve different purposes. 

After you have settled on what strain is right for your needs, the fun part begins: choosing your edible.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck! 

Edibles come in many shapes and sizes, but some of the more popular edible products are sweet treats like chocolates, lollipops, gummies and more.

Additionally, cannabis edibles are available as tinctures to be used for faster absorption. 

With the exception of sublingual tinctures, most edibles require more time to take effect than other methods of consumption like smoking or vaping.

Cannabis edibles, tincture, and oil

Start Low and Go Slow

We always recommend that you “start low and go slow” with all cannabis products, especially if you are new to that particular product or type of product. 

The same guide holds for cannabis edibles.

Most edibles are dosed between 5mg-10mg depending on the product and its intended benefits. 

Start on the lower end of the dose and give yourself time (about an hour) to ease into the experience. 

Unless you are using a sublingual tincture, edibles take time to absorb.

Consistency is key when it comes to finding the right dose for you! 

Always take note of how much you consume and its effect on you. 

Keeping track of your experiences will help you dial in the best dose for the most enjoyable experience.

Plan Ahead

For all of you sweet tooths out there, plan ahead! 

Delicious cannabis edibles are an amazing treat but often leave you wanting more.

To avoid taking too much, curb your cravings by planning ahead.

If you know you simply can’t resist gummy candies, keep a pack of non-cannabis gummies handy. 

If you do find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed, CBD can help neutralize your experience.

It doesn’t hurt to have a few CBD gummies on hand!

Wrap-Up: Treat Yourself!

Enjoying a cannabis edible is a great way to treat yourself to something sweet while enjoying the benefits of marijuana. 

Because of their slow come up and accessible dosing, edibles are often used for calming and more relaxing experiences.

If you have questions or are looking for something specific, come by the dispensary to explore our selection of edible cannabis. 

As always, our friendly Green Kong budtenders are here to help!

You can also find our edible products online.