Best way to Smoke Cannabis? 9 Methods To Smoke

It can be difficult to know which approach is best for you if this is the first time you want to smoke cannabis. The options are almost too many to choose from! Joints, blunts, bongs, and pipes are the more common, or, traditional ways to smoke cannabis. And vaping, edibles, and tinctures are all healthier alternatives to smoking. How can you pick one to start with?

Getting high can be a therapeutic and enjoyable recreational experience, but you should be aware that marijuana smoke contains irritating chemicals and tar linked to respiratory problems, just like cigarette smoke. Always be aware of your consumption and check with a professional if you start to feel unwell.

Because of cannabis’s versatility, smoking weed truly boils down to personal preference. Cannabis, which comes in a variety of forms and consumption methods, gives the smoker a great deal of control such as.

In the end, there is no “optimal” technique to smoke cannabis that fits everyone. Instead, it’s a far more personal decision based on what’s important to each smoker and what works best for them. Basic preferences, experience level, and desired outcomes all influence these decisions.

It’s best to attempt any of these ways to smoke pot on a day when you don’t have anything planned. You’ll probably be out of commission for at least 6 hours.

Here in the year 2022, you can smoke weed via a one-hitter, glass pipe, weed vape pen, joint, blunt, bong, bubbler, gravity bong, and dab rig, among other methods. Each of these methods for smoking marijuana has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so we’ve listed them down below:

One-Hitter Pipes

One-hitter pipes are short, slender pipes with a narrow bowl just big enough for a single hit or smoke inhalation. Users light cannabis on one end of the pipe and inhale until the little bowl is totally toasted and charred. Given that it’s only a single hit, this method usually produces a milder high, making it the best way to smoke weed for newcomers or those aiming to keep a low tolerance. You’ll be able to conserve your stash for a longer period of time if you use a one-hitter or smoke joints because you’ll be smoking a smaller amount of pot.

Vaporizer Pen

Vape pens are usually battery-powered devices with heated tanks or cartridges for producing vapor. Vape pens rely on lithium-ion batteries for their power and, ultimately, the formation of vapor. They can be activated by a button or a user’s inhalation and this approach is fairly strong because it uses concentrated cannabis oils. Vape pens are ideal for those who want a powerful but discreet smoking method with little to no odor.

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are small hand-held devices that contain the smoke produced by cannabis combustion. Users may load a little bowl, light it, and inhale for small to medium hits thanks to an exceedingly simple and popular design. Basic glass pipes typically have larger bowls than one-hitters, allowing for more puffs and perhaps stronger highs. Because of their accessibility, straightforward design, and ease of usage, hand-held glass pipes may be the best way to smoke cannabis for newcomers.


Blunts are cigars that have been packed with marijuana instead of tobacco. Blunts are a somewhat heavier smoking style than joints, and they usually create a stronger, longer-lasting high. Because of its size and resemblance to cigars, some people associate blunts with a more joyful smoking experience. As a result, blunts are usually enjoyed in a communal setting and produce moderate highs.


Joints are marijuana cigarettes that contain ground marijuana flowers. Joints, which are normally included in rolling paper and ready to smoke, are often less than a gram in weight and provide a tiny, readily portable smoking method. Joints are quite unobtrusive due to their slim design, at least until you start smoking. Despite their resemblance to blunts, joints are not always shared due to their small size. However, the effects of both smoking ways are extremely similar.


Bubblers look like a combination of a water bong and a pipe. Water is used in bubblers, although they are smaller and have a built-in bowl rather than a removable one. Whereas a regular hand-pipe may be a touch dryer and harder on the throat, its filtering makes for a smoother hit. This may result in more hits and, as a result, a higher high — however, this is largely dependent on how much a user decides to smoke at one time. Bubblers may be the greatest way to smoke weed for more experienced users who want smaller chunks, as they are slightly elevated yet still portable.


Bongs are slightly larger than hand-held bubblers and have a water base to aid in the creation of a smoother hit through filtration. Bongs often have bigger, removable bowls that are ignited and smoked through until the desired amount of smoke is produced. Novice smokers may wish to ease into bong smoking since it does take a little technique to get the right size hit. Larger hits, of course, result in more intense highs, whilst smaller strikes have fewer effects.

Rig for dabbing

Dab rigs are pipes specifically constructed for vaporizing cannabis wax, oil, and concentrates while filtering them through a water base. In the same way as bongs have a little attachment, dab rigs do as well. Dab rigs, on the other hand, have a glass or metal nail in which concentrates melt and the vapor is stored instead of a bowl piece. Before diving into the potency of dabs, novice smokers should probably familiarize themselves with other forms of smoking. Because of their capacity to give a speedy on-set of powerful effects, some expert users believe dab rigs are the greatest way to smoke cannabis.

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs, also known as a waterfall or bucket bongs, create controlled hits using a mix of air pressure and water. Gravity bongs collect smoke until the user is ready to take a single massive hit or pass it along to others, rather than inhaling it directly like a standard bong. Gravity bongs can produce very concentrated smoke and, as a result, a very intense high with this type of hit. This strategy isn’t recommended for individuals who are new to cannabis, as it can easily overwhelm someone with a lesser tolerance or less expertise with the drug.

All these methods speak for themselves, so find out what speaks to you! Ask your local Green Kong budtender to let you know what they recommend, but don’t be afraid to try out something new!