Who originally discovered the positive effects of smoking weed, and how did they discover it? Can you name all the bizarre impacts and quirky properties of this mysterious plant? Read on to learn some interesting tidbits regarding the use and other fun facts of our favorite green plant, cannabis.

1. Modern-Day Cannabis Is A Lot Stronger Than It Used To Be

Looking back to the cannabis plant and its effects back in the 1960s, cannabis today is more potent than ever before. Why? First, it’s purer than the “hippie cannabis” brought into the country illegally.

Additionally, the THC level has been intentionally bred higher than in previous generations, resulting in a more potent high for modern users.

2. You Can’t Lethally Overdose On Cannabis

Don’t get us wrong. Consuming more than the prescribed amount of cannabis can lead to overdose, but the symptoms of weed overdose are things like nausea, panic attacks, hallucinations, Rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and coordination issues. Definitely scary to experience, but with supervision, nothing deadly.

In other words, it’s impossible for you to consume the amount of cannabis that would be required to kill a person.

3. LA Is Weed Wonderland

In addition to being the home of Hollywood A-listers, Los Angeles is home to more cannabis businesses than there are Starbucks. Welcome to LaLa Land! 

4. California Banned First

California was the first state in the country to outlaw our green friend over a century ago. When we consider the fact before this one, this is somewhat ironic. However, Cali certainly appears to have learned its lesson!

5. Weed Is Beer’s Cousin

Cannabis and beer hops are both members of the same genus. That means the plants that our favorite products come from have a distant common ancestor. It’s funny to think that plants have genetics like animals, but there you go. That’s why they always seemed so similar!

6. The USA Grows The Most Cannabis In The World

The United States is the world’s leading producer in the cannabis business. After the United States are Morocco, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia. With billions in investments in all kinds of businesses and products, it makes sense that countries worldwide would be interested in a slice of those profits! 

 7. George Washington Grew Cannabis

Yep, you read that right. Okay, maybe we’re stretching the truth a little.

 Hemp was grown by the first American president, George Washington. The farmer-turned general cultivated hemp to produce paper, rope, sail canvas, clothes, and fishing nets from hemp grown on his Mount Vernon fields. Hemp and cannabis come from the same plant, but breeding and cultivation have created a divide into plants that produce the THC that smokers look for to get a high and the hemp plants that don’t produce enough THC for the high to be effective. 

8. The First Product Bought and Sold Online

What was the first item that was purchased and sold on the web? It might shock you to learn that the answer is weed!

Students from Stanford conducted the first-ever electronic commerce transaction in 1971. According to reports, the kids purchased their cannabis from MIT students who allegedly sold the product on the school’s website.

A kettle calling the pot, some Stanford students are accused of selling the weed to their MIT colleagues instead. Either way, the stereotype of the stoner college kid was born!

9. A Chocolate High

Did you know that eating chocolate gives you the same high as smoking weed?

The former isn’t as potent as the latter, but it can produce the same result if eaten in the proper quantity. This is because both of them are known as mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. Both chocolate and cannabis bind to the brain’s anandamide receptors, which causes the fun and friendly feelings we know and love.

There’s a date night idea, chocolate and cannabis! Why don’t you check out our inventory to see what might strike the right vibe for the date?

10. Cannabis, The Cancer Fighter

Cannabis, as we all know, slows the growth of cancer cells. But do you know how?

A cannabinoid-derived chemical freezes cancer cells, preventing them from spreading. So far, there are no clear cures for cancer, but the fight isn’t over as long as we have weed in our corner!


We hope you enjoyed these facts! Tell us your favorite fact, or tell us something new about cannabis. The research and history on our favorite green plant go back a few thousand years, so there’s sure plenty to talk about!